Transmission Maintenance Tips

Transmission Maintenance Tips

Take Care of Your Car’s Transmission

Your car’s transmission is an integral part of it. It’s not just for changing gears. Your car’s transmission works just as much as your engine, making sure power is directed from the engine to the wheels. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t give their transmissions the attention and maintenance they need, resulting in expensive repairs and sometimes even replacements. Fortunately, Tire Pirates has the tips you need to take care of your transmission. Here are a few easy-to-follow guides on how to preserve the life of your vehicle by maintaining its transmission. When you need repairs, maintenance, or even replacement services in Calgary, schedule your appointment with Tire Pirates. We are a comprehensive auto repair shop and work on all makes and models of vehicles.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

No matter if you have a manual transmission or an automatic, they require routine maintenance to run smoothly and avoid breakdowns. The biggest and best way you can care for your vehicle’s transmission is by scheduling routine maintenance at Tire Pirates. We recommend yearly inspections and maintenance to help ensure a long-lasting and happy transmission. We can add this service during routine oil changes, cooling system checks, and other inspections. Some manufacturers have set schedules on when you should get your transmission serviced for optimal operation.

Check Your Transmission Fluids

When you’re not bringing your car into our service bay for maintenance work, you can check your transmission fluid levels yourself! Checking your transmission fluid is quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. While the engine is idling, pull out the transmission fluid dipstick. It will be labelled.
  2. Wipe the dipstick clean of all fluid.
  3. Place it back in place and remove it again.
  4. Notice the fluid marker level on the dipstick.
  5. The fluid should be bright red or clear and should have a sweet smell.
  6. If the fluid is dark, dirty, or smells foul, bring your vehicle into our shop immediately.
  7. If the fluid levels are low, you probably have a leak.

On top of checking your transmission fluids, if you need to pour more in yourself, always consult your owner’s manual for details on what type of fluid you need. Many manufacturers require different cooling, oil, and transmission fluid to run properly.

Completely Stop Before Changing Gears

If you drive an automatic, it is incredibly important to bring your vehicle to a complete stop before shifting from reverse to drive. Premature shifting puts the transmission under serious strain, resulting in faster breakdowns. If you drive a manual vehicle, make sure you are shifting properly, not riding the clutch, and are always in the correct gear for the speed and degree. Shifting into the wrong gear can cause catastrophic damage to your transmission while always depressing the clutch pedal car wear out the clutch disc.

Take Care of Your Engine

Your engine and transmission work hand in hand to get you where you need to go. Taking care of your engine can put less stress on your transmission and save it from potentially costly repairs. Some of these simple tips can help prolong your transmissions life:

  • In winter, allow your car to warm up fully before driving.
  • Do not drive on a spare tire any longer than you have to, as your transmission is working overtime on that wheel.
  • Make sure your engine’s cooling system is well-maintained to avoid overheating.
  • Do not place your foot on the brake pedal while accelerating.
  • Use your parking brake when parking on an incline or decline rather than relying solely on the transmission to hold you in place.
  • Keep your engine well-maintained with routine oil changes and tune-ups.
  • Replace the transmission filter at correct intervals.
  • Pay attention to warning signs in your dashboard and repair issues as soon as they arise.
  • If you hear any strange noises while changing gears, bring it in to our shop as soon as possible.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Transmissions are complicated, hard-working components in any vehicle. They work constantly with many moving parts to ensure you get safely from point A to point B. As such, they require routine maintenance and can break down if not properly serviced. Whether you need routine, yearly maintenance on your vehicle, or you require an entire rebuild/replacement, you can feel safe knowing your car is in good hands with Tire Pirates. We have years of experience working on all makes and models. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for transmission maintenance, repair, or replacement.