3 Reasons Why Tire Alignment & Rotation Are Important

3 Reasons Why Tire Alignment and Rotation Are Important

Does your car vibrate when you drive it? Can’t remember the last time you had a mechanic look at your tires? While vehicle tune-ups are important, don’t neglect the health of your tires! Otherwise, you risk needing a set of four new tires , which can be quite expensive.

Here are 3 reasons why tire alignment and rotation are important:

1. Smooth Ride

Rear-wheel-drive cars are more likely to experience more tread wear compared to front-wheel-drive cars. Front-wheel-drive cars are the opposite. By rotating your tires, you can maintain an even amount of tread wear. Even tread on each tire ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.

2. Safety First

Misalignment or an imbalance with your tires can cause all sorts of risks. Misaligned tires are more likely to cause steering wheel vibration. With properly aligned wheels, there’s less concern of unsafe driving.

Tire alignment also helps to ensure even wear on all of your tires.

3. Longer Lifespan

Not only does rotating and aligning your tires prolong their life, it also protects your car’s suspension. Uneven or imbalanced tires lead to vibration. This can cause unnecessary wear on your suspension.

Are you asking yourself “How do I tell if I need wheel alignment?” There are telltale signs that your tires need to be aligned, including:

  • Squealing or noises from the tires
  • Car pulling to the left or right
  • Uneven tire wear

Other questions, such as “What should my tire pressure be?” are best left to the experts.

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Is There a Difference Between a Spare Tire and a Donut?

Depending on the make, model, and type of vehicle you drive, you could either have a spare tire or a donut. There is a difference between these two “back-up” tires you can use when you get a flat tire.

Spare Tire Replacement

Spare tires are full-size tires that are the same size as your existing tires. They allow you to drive normally without any noticeable changes in handling or performance. If you have a full-size spare tire, it is highly recommended you include this tire in your regular tire rotations to make sure they are properly filled with air and wear evenly along with the other tires on your vehicle.

On the other hand, donuts are a temporary spare tire . They are much smaller than your regular tires and are only meant for short distances until you can get a new full-sized tire. You should not drive at high speeds on the donut or drive on it for an extended period of time. In addition, the performance and handling of the vehicle will be noticeably different.

Donuts should be inspected anytime you get your other tires rotated to verify it has the correct amount of air. They also need to be replaced periodically, as the rubber will harden over time and could easily blow out if the tire is too old.

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