• Why can’t I just change one tire at a time?

    Do you know how to change a tire? If you get a flat tire, you can stop by the road, take off the damaged tire, and put on a spare. If you don’t know how to change a flat tire or you don’t have a spare in your trunk, you can call roadside assistance and […]

  • Tire Alignment vs. Wheel Balancing

    Expert Wheel Balancing & Tire Alignment Services in Calgary What’s the Difference Between Wheel Balancing & Tire Alignment? Are you curious about the difference between tire alignment and wheel balancing? Wheel or tire alignment is how your wheels sit when mounted to your car. Wheel balancing is what’s done to precisely balance the weight of a […]

  • Differences of All Season Tires vs. Winter Tires

    When to Use Winter Tires & All-Season Tires in Calgary Differences of All Season Tires vs. Winter Tires All-season tires and winter tires have exemplary performance, but they aren’t for driving in the same weather conditions. While all-season tires were created to eliminate the need to switch between snow and summer tires, winter tires are […]

  • How Winter Tire Technology Works

    Get Winter Tires in Calgary, AB Tire Pirates Explain Winter Tire Technology Winter tires are in a world of their own. While some people call them snow tires, winter tires are specialty tires made for inclement weather conditions, including the ice and snow in Canada. Tire Pirates is here to explain how winter tire technology […]

  • When Should You Change Your Tires for Winter?

    Why Should You Get Winter Tires for Your Truck in Calgary? Tire Pirates Installs Winter Tires for Extreme Temperatures One of the most important things to do as a driver is to switch to winter tires before cold weather hits. At Tire Pirates, we replace your tires with winter tires in Calgary, AB. Our experts […]

  • How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

    Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter in Calgary Tire Pirates Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Your vehicle is put to the test in winter due to snow, ice, and extremely cold temperatures. It has to work harder to perform daily. Preparing your vehicle to face the inclement winter weather in Canada is critical. Our Tire Pirates team is […]

  • Why Should You Get Winter Tires for Your Truck in Calgary?

    Why Should You Get Winter Tires for Your Truck in Calgary? Tire Pirates Installs Winter Tires for Extreme Temperatures Yes, you should absolutely get winter tires for your vehicle. Winter tires are specially made to maintain higher traction in extremely cold conditions. Though winter tires are great in extreme temperatures, you shouldn’t drive them throughout […]

  • How to Measure Tire Depth

    Tire Replacement Services in Calgary It’s easy to overlook the wear and tread on your tires. But it’s a technique and topic that should always be on your mind before driving. The treat depth on your tires keeps you safe on the road by providing adequate grip for acceleration, cornering, and braking. If you aren’t […]

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    Drops in Temperature Cause Drops in Tire Pressure

    Why Does Tire Pressure Decrease in Cold Weather? Have you ever noticed that as winter rolls around, you find yourself having to fill your tires more frequently? Have you heard the dreaded “low tire pressure” chime and light illuminate on your dashboard in the middle of a long commute? We’ve all been there. But why […]

  • Transmission Maintenance Tips

    Transmission Maintenance Tips Take Care of Your Car’s Transmission Your car’s transmission is an integral part of it. It’s not just for changing gears. Your car’s transmission works just as much as your engine, making sure power is directed from the engine to the wheels. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t give their transmissions the attention and […]