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Tire Pirates Replaces Auto Batteries

The battery is one of the most essential components of your vehicle. Here at Tire Pirates in Calgary, AB, we want to help you understand how to make your battery last as long as possible while ensuring you get a quality car battery when it’s time for a replacement. While most car batteries don’t last longer than four years, some tips and tricks can help it last as long as possible. Some things you can do include checking for corroded parts, keeping your battery clean, charging it fully every couple of months, and not running down your battery. Wear and tear, natural aging, and extreme temperatures take their toll on auto batteries. If you need a car battery replacement, our expert technicians are here to recommend a battery and replace it for you. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Car Battery

It’s crucial that your new car battery is going to last and do its job right. When you have your battery replaced at Tire Pirates, you can rest assured knowing we will replace your battery according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Our team recommends replacing your battery with the same type that came in your car originally from the manufacturer. Our locations in Chinook and Foothills are fully equipped to handle the needs of your vehicle as it relates to the battery or other auto supplies you may require. In addition to providing full-service battery replacement, our experts will also take the time to clean your battery, charge it, replace your battery cables, and test your battery if a battery replacement is not required. Replacing your car battery will give you peace of mind that your car will start up immediately and get you where you need to go.

Why Your Battery’s Health Matters

Many Calgary drivers don’t think much about their car batteries until they have difficulty starting up their vehicles. Batteries tend to die at the most inconvenient times, but having them checked out and replaced before they fail entirely can save you time and hassle. An unhealthy battery could die and leave you out in the cold or stranded in an inconvenient location. The health of your battery is essential, and a strong battery can make it easier for other components of your engine to perform optimally.

Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Battery

A dead battery is the last sign you need a battery replacement, but there are other signs to look for to ensure you don’t end up stranded in a parking lot somewhere. It’s recommended to have your vehicle’s battery replaced before any problems come up. Check out these four signs that your battery is on the way out, and you should schedule a battery replacement with Tire Pros:

  • Seasonal Problems – During the cold Alberta winters, your battery’s chemical reaction is slowed down, which drains the life out of it. This leads to your car requiring more power to start up because the engine oil moves slowly. Newer batteries don’t have much trouble with extreme weather, but older batteries will often struggle.
  • Sitting Too Long – Leaving your vehicle sitting around for too long without driving it or starting it up can result in a dead battery when you get behind the wheel. Driving frequently helps your battery, despite what many drivers might think. Batteries recharge while you drive, so having it sit idle for too long doesn’t help the situation. If you have vehicles you don’t use often, you should drive them around the block once a week or ask a friend or family member to do so if you’re out of town.
  • Difficulty Starting – A classic sign of an old battery is your engine taking longer to crank than usual. Hearing a strange noise while turning the key can signify that your battery is close to failing. Being proactive can help you avoid getting stranded.
  • Old Batteries & Dashboard Lights – Most cars have a dashboard battery light that indicates a problem. You should also keep the age of your battery in mind. An average car battery will last about three years, depending on the brand, your vehicle, how you care for your car, your driving patterns, and more.

Replacing Battery Cables

Sometimes your battery is not the problem. Corroded battery cables or terminals can also cause issues with starting up your vehicle. Our automotive experts at Tire Pirates can check and replace battery cables and other components that may be giving you trouble.

Car Battery FAQ

Many of our customers have questions about their car batteries. We’ve prepared the answers to the questions we often receive for your convenience. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any other questions we can answer:

How long does a car battery last?

In most cases, your car battery will last three to four years. After three years, you should have your battery checked and inspected when getting other routine maintenance, such as oil changes.

Is red positive or negative?

When charging or jump-starting a car battery, remember that the red cable is positive and the black cable is negative. Be sure you never connect the red cable to the negative terminal.

How much does a car battery replacement cost?

The cost of a car battery replacement depends on several factors, such as power, quality, and size. The average price for a replacement car battery can be anywhere from $45 to $250.

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We don’t want you to get stranded on the road with a dead car battery, and we’re happy to assist you with all your car battery replacement needs, including cleaning and replacement services. We also specialize in several other mechanical services, including wheel alignments, tire changes and repairs, heating and cooling, brake replacement, steering and suspension, and more. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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