The Importance of Maintaining Your Vehicle Properly

You depend on your vehicle day in and day out, so it only makes sense to take good care of it. Practicing proper vehicle maintenance can improve your car’s performance, keep you safe, and save you money. By ignoring or putting off the maintenance and repairs your vehicle needs, you’re putting yourself and your family at risk. By taking proper care of your vehicle, there’s a good chance that it will last longer and will perform better. It will also be safer, and you’ll be less likely to experience major issues while driving it. You’ll also save money on costly repairs that come from not taking proper care of your vehicle. Check out all the auto repair and maintenance services in Calgary, AB that Tire Pirates has to offer and contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Wheel Alignment Service to Keep You Safe on the Road

One of the most common forms of vehicle maintenance is a wheel alignment. This auto maintenance service can increase the life of your tires, which can save you money and keep you safer on the road. Wheel alignments also make it easier for your vehicle to drive straight. When your car’s wheels are out of alignment, your vehicle will shift from one side to another and require constant correction. Tire Pirates will adjust the angle of the wheels on your vehicle to prevent it from pulling to one side or another or wandering. Signs you need wheel alignment services in Calgary, AB include unusual vibrations while driving, a steering wheel that’s crooked, or an excess of uneven tire wear.

Calgary’s Trusted Name in Brakes

The brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle, and being able to brake effectively is essential for keeping your family safe on the road. If your vehicle’s brakes are squeaky, sticky, or rusted, you should have them inspected and repaired by Tire Pirates immediately. Our experienced staff has all the technology necessary to get your brakes in perfect order so that you can stay safe on the roads. If you start hearing a squealing sound when you brake, it’s time to visit us for service. We care about your safety, which is why we’re happy to offer you a free brake inspection. Tire Pirates is the trusted name in brake repair in Calgary, AB, so visit us today.

Steering and Suspension Services in Calgary, AB

Your vehicle’s shocks and struts are important components in keeping everything running smoothly. By having these worn components replaced, your vehicle’s control and handling will improve. You’ll also reduce the wear and tear on other steering and suspension components and help your vehicle’s tires last longer. Common signs that your suspension is worn out include noticing your vehicle bottoming out over bumps in the road or if it keeps bouncing for a while after going over those bumps. You might also notice an excessive body lean while turning. Putting off this repair for too long can lead to other parts of your vehicle being worn down. Taking care of this issue now means saving money on possibly costly repairs in the future and also keeping your family safe on the Calgary, AB streets.

Fast Oil Lube and Filter Services from Certified Technicians

When you bring your vehicle to Tire Pirates for oil, lube, and filter services, you can rest easy knowing that you’re receiving premium oil that’s equivalent to or exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications. Your service will be performed by our certified technicians, and you’ll receive a service inspection report. Not having your oil changed on time can lead to a buildup of oil sludge, which can cause more serious problems down the road. Not having your vehicle’s oil changed could lead to very costly engine damage, so it’s critical that you stay on schedule (check your owner’s manual or ask us). If your oil light is on or the date on your windshield is coming up, get down to Tire Pirates today.

Visit Us for Comprehensive Auto Services in Calgary, AB

It’s easy to put off the maintenance and repair services your vehicle needs, but it won’t be so easy down the line when you’re stuck with costly repair bills or even worse, without a car you can drive. Tire Pirates can handle all your auto repair and maintenance needs in Calgary, AB. Whether you need your vehicle’s air conditioning or heating system repaired, drive train replaced, electrical system fixed, engine light checked, or engine coolant replaced, we can get the job done right to have you back on the road safely in little to no time at all. We can also handle replacing your vehicle’s wiper blades, battery, and air filters, and we specialize in auto tune-ups. Don’t forget that we are the Tire Pirates, which means we’re Calgary, AB’s trusted source for new tires. Visit us today for all your auto service needs.

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