3 Reasons Why Tire Alignment & Rotation Are Important

3 Reasons Why Tire Alignment and Rotation Are Important

Does your car vibrate when you drive it? Can’t remember the last time you had a mechanic look at your tires? While vehicle tune-ups are important, don’t neglect the health of your tires! Otherwise, you risk needing a set of four new tires , which can be quite expensive.

Here are 3 reasons why tire alignment and rotation are important:

1. Smooth Ride

Rear-wheel-drive cars are more likely to experience more tread wear compared to front-wheel-drive cars. Front-wheel-drive cars are the opposite. By rotating your tires, you can maintain an even amount of tread wear. Even tread on each tire ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.

2. Safety First

Misalignment or an imbalance with your tires can cause all sorts of risks. Misaligned tires are more likely to cause steering wheel vibration. With properly aligned wheels, there’s less concern of unsafe driving.

Tire alignment also helps to ensure even wear on all of your tires.

3. Longer Lifespan

Not only does rotating and aligning your tires prolong their life, it also protects your car’s suspension. Uneven or imbalanced tires lead to vibration. This can cause unnecessary wear on your suspension.

Are you asking yourself “How do I tell if I need wheel alignment?” There are telltale signs that your tires need to be aligned, including:

  • Squealing or noises from the tires
  • Car pulling to the left or right
  • Uneven tire wear

Other questions, such as “What should my tire pressure be?” are best left to the experts.

If you need tire repair in Calgary, look no further than Tire Pirates. We offer a variety of services, including tire repair, wheel alignments, and tire sales.

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Five Signs You Need New Brakes

The brake pads make up just one of several different components of the entire braking system, which also includes:

  • Rotors
  • Brake Lines
  • Brake Fluid
  • Pistons
  • Springs
  • ABS (Antilock Braking System) Sensors

Brake Pad Replacement Calgary

Over time, these parts and components do wear out and will need to replaced, repaired, or serviced. Most modern vehicles have several early detection options to let you know when you should replace your brake pads .

  1. High-Pitched Whining Sound – Most brake pads have wear sensors on them, and this whining or screeching sound starts to be heard when the pad has reached the point it needs to be replaced.
  2. Soft, Squishy Brakes – If you notice you are having to press harder on the brake pedal, and it goes almost to the floor, something is wrong with the braking system and it needs to be serviced.
  3. Metal-on-Metal Grinding – If you ignored the sound the brake pad sensor was making, eventually all the pad is worn off the brake and now you will hear metal-on-metal grinding as you stop. At this point, you are causing damage to the rotors, too.
  4. Vibrating Brake Pedal – If the brake pedal vibrates and the ABS is not active, there is a problem with the braking system.
  5. Pulling – If the vehicle pulls to the left or right when you stop, this could indicate the rotor and brake pads are not contacting evenly and the brakes should be inspected.

If you notice any of the above symptoms, it is best to bring your vehicle into Tire Pirates for a brake inspection. Feel free to stop by one of our Calgary locations in the Foothills and Chinook areas or call us at (403) 907-0394 or (403) 907-0431 today!

How Do I Know if I Need New Tires?

Imagine a situation that nobody wants to be in: you’re driving down the road when all of a sudden something feels off about your tires. Is the pressure low? Do you have a flat? Was there a blowout? You know that you need to get it checked, but do you really need brand new tires to fix the problem?

If you need tire repair in Calgary , it is much more efficient and cost-effective to visit tire experts before being sold on replacing an entire set. Luckily, a barely-used tire usually does not have to be replaced when it is damaged. Minor issues, such as nail caught in a tire, can often be repaired without the need to replace the tire.

Issues such as tread wear, exposure to heat and even some punctures, are often the signal that tire placement is needed. Often these are the result of time and length of usage that factor into the need for tire replacement.

tire repair and replacement in calgary

The variable weather in Calgary does have a role in the overall wear and tear on your tires. Warm weather makes the air in your tires expand, while cold weather makes it contract. This is why it is essential to keep your tires at their recommended air pressure during different times of the year. Tire pressure that is not at the level it should be can make your tires more susceptible to flats or punctures.

However, this does not mean that they need to be replaced right away if something does happen. Only an expert in tire repair in Calgary should make the determination if your tires are unsafe for your vehicle and need to be replaced. If you are ever in need of tire service in Chinook or Foothills, Tire Pirates has you covered.

Feel Like Your Ride Is Bumpy? Time to Have Your Struts and Shocks Checked

Your vehicle’s tires are one of the most important parts of your car, and nearly everything they encounter on a daily basis can cause wear and tear. One of the biggest contributing factors is having bad shocks or struts. Unfortunately, it’s tremendously easy to forget about your shocks and struts, as they take around 50,000 miles to wear down completely.

Not sure about your own shocks and struts? Not sure what to do about uneven tire wear ? Here’s how to tell when struts and shocks may be the problem (and what to do about it).

Struts and Shocks Checked

Shocks and Struts

Your vehicle has either shocks or struts, but not both. Either way, they’re similar in function. A shock is a single piece of equipment mounted near each tire, while struts are a combination of two individual parts. Shocks give your car better handling and are easier to replace, but they are naturally more expensive. Struts are comprised of a shaft and coil that are built into the chassis. Strut coils are cheaper but are also difficult and dangerous to replace in comparison with shocks.

When to Replace?

Excessive bouncing while going over speed bumps or uneven roads is the number-one sign that your shocks or struts need attention. Pay attention to how much your car sways during turns, how fast you can brake, and how easily you’re able to accelerate. Having bad shocks or struts will make your driving experience unpleasant, increase the wear on your tires, reduce your control over the vehicle, and reduce your safety if you’re in a collision.

Bad shocks or struts already causing you tire problems? If you need tire repair in Calgary, come to us. Tire Pirates can replace your shocks, struts, and tires and rebalance your vehicle for improved performance.