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Our Team Will Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

You depend on your car every day to get you where you need to be. You deserve peace of mind that it will transport you to work, the store, or a social event safely and reliably. To ensure it operates optimally, trust the technicians at Tire Pirates to complete all types of mechanical services. We have been assisting car owners in Calgary, AB for well over a decade. With two convenient locations – one in Chinook and another in Foothills – we are proud to serve a broad coverage area. Whether you need minor repairs or routine maintenance, you will receive exceptional service from our highly-trained professionals. Call us today to learn more about our wide array of specialties.

We Offer Comprehensive Mechanical Services

Your vehicle is critical to your daily routine. Few problems will alter your plans quicker than car troubles. When you are rushing around in the morning to make sure you are on time for an important business meeting, you do not want to worry about whether your automobile will start. Tire Pirates can help. We offer comprehensive mechanical services to ensure your car will operate at its best when you need it most. Our specialties include:

Wheel Alignments

The best way to ensure tire longevity and complete control of your car on the road is by properly aligning your wheels. Tire Pirates offers wheel alignment services for all makes and models of vehicles. Bring your automobile to us if you notice it pulling in one direction, unusual vibrations while driving, or uneven tire wear.

Brake Replacement

Your brakes are among your car’s most essential safety elements. Whether you need to stop or slow down due to normal traffic flow or a sudden obstacle, you want your brakes to react immediately. Our team can repair or maintain your entire brake system, including the brake pads, rotors, and cylinders. Even if you merely suspect something is wrong, bring your car to us for a free brake inspection in Calgary, AB.

Steering and Suspension

We can replace your shocks and struts to improve your vehicle’s steering and suspension. This will allow you better handling and a smoother ride. Our certified technicians utilize industry-leading parts that come with a one-year warranty.

Oil Changes

Your car needs an oil change at regular intervals so that the engine can perform its best. The frequency with which vehicles need oil changes varies, so please consult your owner’s manual for recommendations. But trust Tire Pirates to provide premium oil and filters that will help extend the life of your engine and its parts.

Wiper Blade Replacement

When you drive in less than ideal conditions, you need reliable wiper blades to help you see through the rain or snow. We suggest replacing your wiper blades twice per year to avoid streaky windshields during a storm.

Vehicle Batteries

The average lifespan of vehicle batteries is four to five years. But extreme temperatures can affect how long or how well yours lasts. To ensure that you are not left stranded, let Tire Pirates inspect or replace your aging battery today.

Auto Tune-Ups

Just like you visit your physician regularly, you should bring your car to a mechanic for routine auto tune-ups. During a tune-up, our team will inspect your vehicle to identify any minor issues before they worsen. Early detection and action can prevent costly repairs in the future. Let us check your spark plugs, fuel filters, and more.

Auto Repair & Maintenance Services

Tire Pirates is your trusted repair specialist in Calgary, AB. We perform comprehensive auto repairs whether you identify a problem early or an issue has temporarily put your car out of commission. We would be happy to take a look under the hood and mend any problems to get you back on the road quickly.

Air Filter Replacement

The cleanliness of your air filter directly correlates with the cleanliness and efficiency of your engine. If your air filter is dirty, your vehicle will not perform as well as it should. We will inspect your air filter during an oil change and provide an air filter replacement if necessary.

Why You Should Choose Tire Pirates

Customers throughout Calgary, AB know they can trust Tire Pirates for complete mechanical services. We built our reputation by striving for 100% customer satisfaction, a goal that we maintain to this day. It is one of the many reasons our clients return to our auto shops whenever they need repairs or maintenance. Visit us in Chinook or Foothills today.

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Whether your vehicle is fresh off the dealership lot or has been your trusted road warrior for years, you deserve a mechanic you can trust to resolve any issues. Tire Pirates is that resource for drivers throughout Calgary, AB and the surrounding area. We handle everything from routine oil changes to complicated repairs. Contact our tire and auto repair shop today to schedule an appointment.

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