Seasonal Tire Storage in Calgary, AB

Tire Storage Services by Tire Pirates

At Tire Pirates, we store off-season or spare tires for our Calgary, AB customers so they can free up their valuable space. Seasonal tire storage is safe, convenient, cost-efficient, and saves you the mess, pain, and hassle of having to do it yourself! Let our professionals do the heavy-lifting, loading, and unloading to ensure that your tires are stored correctly. We’re committed to keeping your tires looking great and maintaining performance with our exceptional tire storage services.

Store Your Off-Season Tires with Tire Pirates

Tire Pirates is proud to offer our customers a safe and dry environment to store their off-season tires. Our technicians make sure your summer or winter tires are cabled, tagged, logged, and stored in our secure tire garage until you’re ready to have them remounted. Not only will you be protecting your tires when you choose to store them with us, but you will also be prolonging their life. If stored or mishandled, your tires physical properties can be adversely changed. This will work to decrease their services life and can cause irreversible deterioration. With Tire Pirates, we understand that tires aren’t a cheap investment. That’s why we handle your tires with the utmost care, storing them correctly and efficiently so there’s nothing to worry about when you’re ready to hit the road.

How to Store Tires Right

Our seasoned tire experts in Foothills and Chinook have over 13 years of experience in this industry and have been trained on the ins-and-outs of tire storage. We take proper tire storage very seriously because we understand how easy it is for tires to depreciate when stored incorrectly. Proper tire storage should include the following steps:

  1. Clean tires before they are stored – Tires should be cleaned with a tire brush and soapy water to remove any dirt and debris. If particles are left on the tires for extended periods of time, they can settle and cause damage. Do not coat tires with tire shine or any other substance before being stored.
  2. Wrap tires in plastic and seal with tape – To offer an extra layer of protection to your tires, they will need to be stored in airtight packaging to ensure they are safe from any potentially damaging elements.
  3. Store tires in an upright position – Tires should be stored in an upright position to reduce stress on the sidewall. Additionally, tires without rims should never be stacked or stacked too high as to avoid any structural damage.
  4. Place tires somewhere dry and cool – Tires absorb heat, so any direct exposure to sunlight, humidity, or other extreme temperatures can cause series damage. Tires should be stored professionally, in a climate-controlled garage or shop.
  5. Keep tires off the ground – Tires that are appropriately stored should never be touching the ground. We recommend the utilization of a tire storage rack that can be mounted away from the floor. This way, your tires can be protected from any leaks or chemical exposures that that can degrade your tires.

If this sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry! Tire Pirates are here to offer you high-quality solutions for all your tire storage needs. Our trained professionals do all the work, so you won’t have to worry about the hassle. Our fully-equipped tire garage will keep your all-season and off-season tires safe while simultaneously clearing up that much-needed space in your basement or garage.

Call to Learn About Our Seasonal Tire Storage Services

If you’re a Calgary, AB resident and looking for tire storage services near you, look no further! Our tire garage offers a safe, climate-controlled space to store your summer or winter tires. Let us help eliminate the annoyance that comes with moving or finding extra space for your off-season tires.

Stop by one of our two locations or call now to learn more about our details and rates. We look forward to being your total tire storage solution in Foothills and Chinook.

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