Check Engine Light Services in Calgary, AB

We’ll Figure Out Why Your Check Engine Light Is On

No one likes to see that their check engine light is on, but there’s no need to panic. If your service engine light is on, bring your vehicle to Tire Pirates in Calgary, AB. A check engine light flashing indicates that there is a problem or malfunction with your car. There are many reasons that your engine light may come on, with some being more serious than others. You should always visit our mechanics right away if you have a blinking check engine light so we can diagnose the issue and take care of any problems with your vehicle. We proudly serve drivers in Foothills and Chinook, so schedule your check engine light appointment today.

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What Does Your Check Engine Light Mean?

When you see your car’s check engine light illuminate, it’s not uncommon to have a sinking feeling in your stomach. But that doesn’t need to be the case when you have the team at Tire Pirates on your side. We will decipher your check engine light meaning, whether it’s a minor issue or something more serious. Your car’s check engine light or malfunction indicator lamp notifies you that something is wrong with your vehicle. While your check engine light could be multiple colors, a flashing light means you have a serious problem that can’t be ignored. Our mechanics can perform a check engine light diagnostic which will tell us what’s wrong so we can solve the problem and get you back on the road safely.

Common Check Engine Light Repairs

There are several things that can cause your car’s check engine light to illuminate. Some common causes for your check engine light may include a loose gas cap, failing catalytic converter, fouled spark plugs or spark plug wires, faulty oxygen sensor, faulty mass air flow sensor, and more. Learn more about some possible repairs your vehicle may need if the check engine light is on:

  • Spark Plug Repairs – Your car’s engine performance is directly linked to the health of its spark plugs. Bad or weak spark plugs can lead to problems starting your vehicle, misfiring, or having poor fuel economy.
  • Ignition Coil Repairs – The ignition coil delivers electricity to your car’s spark plugs. When a problem occurs with the ignition coil, the spark plugs will not receive enough electricity. Your vehicle may not start, have a rough idle, or misfire.
  • Resecuring Gas Cap – Learning that your check engine light came on as a result of an unsecured gas cap can be a big relief. This is an easy and affordable fix. You might need a new gas cap because it is broken or cracked.
  • Oxygen/O2 Sensor Repairs – The oxygen sensors in your vehicle test the exhaust levels. That data is sent to the computer to ensure your car is working at the optimum performance, which plays a role in the timing and combustion intervals of your car.

Don’t Ignore a Check Engine Light

While it’s easy to ignore your car’s check engine light and go on with your busy schedule, we don’t recommend ignoring the warning sign. Ignoring your check engine light could end up costing you more money if the problem gets worse and more expensive. An easy thing you can do is to check your gas cap. If your gas cap is loose, it may cause your check engine light to come on. Tighten the cap and see if the light goes away. Our mechanics can diagnose your vehicle and determine why the check engine light has been illuminated.

Schedule Vehicle Services Today

Now that you know how important a check engine light can be, it’s time to bring your vehicle to the trusted mechanics at Tire Pirates. We have locations in Foothills and Chinook for your convenience. We would be happy to answer any questions we might have, and we offer tires and comprehensive mechanic services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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