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At Tire Pirates, we are known for our vast selection of high-quality tires for every season, but our inventory has expanded to include commercial-grade tracks for agricultural and construction tractors at our location in Foothills – Calgary. When the demands of farming work require high performance and maximum reliability, you can count on the tire and machinery experts at both locations to provide knowledgeable service and outfit you with the commercial tracks your agricultural equipment needs. Haven’t made the switch to rubber tracks yet? Read on to learn how you can improve your production by replacing your tractor tires with commercial tracks.

Learn About the Benefits of Rubber Tracks Vs. Tires

Whether you are in agriculture or construction, your tractor equipment plays a vital role in producing profits for your business. Machinery that can cross rugged terrain in the fields and sloppy conditions in inclement weather is just as important as the harvesting or excavating duties you rely on it to perform. Your success is riding on many factors, so when you want to ensure that things will go smoothly, commercial tracks for your tractor are the only way to go. If you’ve been using traditional deep-tread traction tires on your equipment, consider the benefits of agricultural tracks, such as:

  • Weight Redistribution – Tracks redistribute the weight of today’s heavier agriculture tractors for smoother rides and less stress on machinery.
  • Reduced Ground Pressure – With redistributed weight, there is less pressure on the ground below, which means less soil compaction and better flotation.
  • Increased Efficiency – Improved traction with tracks adds to increased maneuverability and less chance of slowdowns out in the field.
  • More Stability – With more touchpoints on the ground, drivers will notice increased hillside stability.
  • Easy Maintenance – Since there is no tire pressure to check or adjust and minimal ballast changes, those who use rubber tracks enjoy easier daily maintenance than tractors with tires.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Tracks

Choosing the right rubber tracks for a tractor will depend on a couple of factors. Operators need to consider the type of machinery the tracks will be applied to and the conditions in which they operate. Tracks are available in different widths. A narrow track will increase the tractor’s ground pressure, allowing the machine to get a better grip on the surface beneath it. A wider track will boost the tractor’s flotation ability, meaning that it will perform better on softer soils, such as mud, clay, or sand. Commercial tracks typically come in four basic treads: staggered block tread, c-lug tread, straight-bar tread, and multi-bar tread. While each tread is designed to work cross-functionally in a variety of conditions, it is best to choose a tread that is designed specifically for the surface most work will be performed on. No matter if you’re replacing old tracks or buying tracks for the first time, the team at Tire Pirates is here to help you find the right rubber tracks for your tractor.

Shop for Agricultural Tracks at Competitive Prices

Agricultural equipment is used in demanding jobs that require good traction without tearing up crops, irrigation equipment, or the turf below. Unexpected weather can add to the complexity of tractor operation and farmers always need to be prepared for the worst. If it’s time to boost your agricultural equipment’s performance, visit Tire Pirates at either of our Foothills location in Calgary. Both locations offer a great selection of agricultural tracks for commercial tractors that provide stability, durability, and increased performance. See us today or contact us to learn more about our rubber track products and other commercial services.

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