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At Tire Pirates, we offer a wide selection of vehicle services and products, including tires and auto services to keep your vehicle on the road. But did you know, we also have accessories and parts for your construction equipment? We have a selection of forklift tires and construction tracks in Calgary, AB to fit nearly any piece of equipment in your fleet. Our team has years of experience and plenty of knowledge to help you outfit your equipment with all the right parts, ensuring you’re able to complete your jobs successfully. If you’re looking to switch your equipment wheels out for tracks, we’re the team to help you make the transition.

What Are Construction Tracks?

Construction tracks are used on heavy pieces of equipment instead of tires, allowing the machinery to traverse over the landscape on two long rubber tracks on each side, rather than on four wheels. These tracks are used on a variety of construction equipment because they can handle nearly any terrain with ease. However, you’ll most commonly see tracks used on bulldozers, excavators, multi-terrain loaders, and track loaders. Equipment with rubber tracks are an ideal option for construction sites with varying surface levels.

How Do Construction Tracks Work?

Tracked vehicles are able to move across terrain using a system of wheels that rotate within a rubber track. The wheels within the track rotate, causing the track to move, which in turn moves the vehicle across the ground. Tracked equipment can move forward, backward, and make turns with ease, all while evenly distributing the weight of the vehicle. This even distribution means far less disturbance to the surface and the increased contact with the ground ensures better gripping and maneuverability on sloped or unstable ground.

What Projects are Construction Tracks the Best Suited For?

Every construction project is different, and as such will require different types of equipment to produce the best results. Tracked equipment is better suited for some projects and environments, so you’ll want to be sure your equipment is properly outfitted based on the type of work you plan to do. Because tracks give the equipment excellent grip, it’s the perfect option for projects taking place on slippery or sloped surfaces. Tracked equipment is also the right choice for projects in which you are preparing a completely new worksite or pioneering ground. This could include forest clearing or heavy ground excavation. Due to the durability of tracks, they’re a great option for projects in environments with abrasive surfaces like crushed rock or demolition debris, as tires could easily become punctured on these tough surfaces.

Tracked Vehicles Aren’t Always the Perfect Option

On the other hand, tracked vehicles are not the best option for projects located in urban areas where land is already developed. This is due to the fact that tracks are notorious for chewing up the ground surface, which could easily disrupt landscaping, sidewalks, and other features already in place. Your best option is to choose tracked equipment for projects in undeveloped areas or where the ground will later undergo repair work, and to choose wheeled equipment for projects in civic areas with flat surfaces like roadways, sidewalks, and landscaping already in place.

The Advantages of Tracks Over Wheels

Equipment with commercial tracks can provide many advantages over wheeled equipment, especially in certain environments. The team at Tire Pirates is able to provide you with important information on the advantages of tracked equipment and which projects require the strength of construction tracks. Whether you are clearing land in Calgary or excavating a property in Chinook, tracked equipment will provide you with fantastic results. Some of the best advantages tracked equipment provides include:

  • Better Stability: Most jobsites have rough, uneven surfaces. Wheeled equipment cannot safely traverse unstable terrain and are best used on hard, flat surfaces. Using a vehicle with tracks will ensure you can maneuver on all types of ground, helping you get the job done more efficiently.
  • Versatility: Tracked vehicles are much more versatile than equipment with wheels, making them a better overall investment for construction companies. Wheeled vehicles have a tough time maintaining traction in poor weather conditions, meaning you may have to turn down jobs. Not only do tracked vehicles provide superior traction for bulldozing and digging jobs, they also excel in all types of conditions, including rain, snow, ice, mud, and more.
  • Smoother Ride: Equipment operators often work long shifts, so the smoother the ride, the more comfortable and safer it will be for workers. Tracked vehicles are able to move over uneven terrain much better than those with wheels, resulting in a less bumpy and jarring ride for operators. Tracks will help keep your employees safe from injuries or back problems.

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Whether you are interested in outfitting your vehicle with new tracks or your current equipment is in need of track servicing, the team at Tire Pirates can assist your vehicle. We have a vast selection of tracks and a knowledgeable team to ensure your construction pieces are equipped to handle any job. Please reach out to us today for additional information or stop by and see us to view our large selection of tires, tracks, and other products.

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