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Auto Heating & Air Conditioning Service in Calgary, AB

When you need heating or air conditioning service for your vehicle in Calgary, AB, there’s only one place to go: Tire Pirates. You wouldn’t settle for not having heat or air conditioning in your home, and it shouldn’t be acceptable in your car either. The cold Calgary winters can be brutal if you’re driving around with no heat. You might be surprised that you can get your vehicle’s heating or air conditioning system fixed for an affordable price. Tire Pirates wants to educate you about how important your car’s heater is and the types of repairs we can perform. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions or to schedule service at our Foothills or Chinook location.

Why A/C & Heating Is So Important

We all want to be comfortable, whether we’re commuting to work, running errands, or taking a road trip. Certain times of the year are ideal for having your car’s windows down, but many times the weather is too hot or cold to do so. Tire Pirates is here to ensure you have a functioning heater and air conditioner to keep you warm or cool inside your vehicle. Even if your A/C system seems to be functioning fine, you still need to schedule regular maintenance to keep the system working its best. Some drivers don’t realize that their car’s heating system is responsible for cooling the engine on hot days and that the A/C system is a critical component of your vehicle even during the colder winter months in Calgary. Learn more about these two reasons why your car’s heat and A/C are so important:

  • Keeping Your Engine Cool – Your vehicle’s cooling system is directly related to its heating system. If you don’t have a heating system that’s functioning correctly, your engine might overheat on a hot summer’s day. In some cases, your engine could break down completely.
  • Defrosting Windshields – We all know about those cold Calgary mornings where you can see your breath, but your windshield has a layer of frost on it. Your air conditioning system helps to defrost and defog your windshield by pulling humidity out of the air. You may need to have your A/C system recharged to make sure you can see out of your windshield.

The Benefits of A/C & Heating Repair & Maintenance

It’s easy to neglect your car’s heating and air conditioning systems, but doing so is not recommended. Check out the following benefits of keeping these systems working correctly with maintenance and repair services from Tire Pirates:

  • Keeps Your System in Good Working Order – Your car’s heating system is made up of many components, including the thermostat, blower fan, and heater core. These components can be challenging to reach, and significant repairs can take days if minor issues are not addressed right away. Our mechanics can check your vehicle’s hoses and belts and ensure the antifreeze is clean and filled.
  • Reduces Risk of Compressor Failure – Your vehicle’s compressor is one of the most critical components of the air conditioning system. It’s also the most expensive part to have repaired or replaced. With regular maintenance, the risk of premature compressor failure is reduced. The most common A/C system problems involve minor issues that can be easy to deal with when caught early on. Regular A/C maintenance can also improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.
  • Helps Keep You Healthy – Our mechanics will check your car’s cabin air filter and replace it if needed. These filters trap pollen, dust, bacteria, and exhaust fumes before they come through your vents and pollutes the air you breathe. Dirty or clogged filters can cause headaches, allergic reactions, or breathing problems.

Compete Auto A/C & Heating Services

Tire Pirates is here to keep your HVAC system running properly. You’ve already read about the benefits of keeping these systems maintained. If your heat or air is not working, bring your vehicle to us, and we’ll find out what’s wrong and get it fixed for you. If it seems to be working fine, you can still benefit from preventative maintenance services and a checkup. We work on air conditioning, heating, belts, radiators, and more. Visit us if you need a recharge for your A/C, your car heater is not working or is blowing cold air, and more. You should have your car’s air conditioner serviced every year before it starts to get hot, and the reverse is true for your heating system. You should also visit us as soon as you notice any decline in your air or heat’s performance, the air is not blowing through your vents properly, or the air is not cold or warm. A foul or musty odor coming from your vents is another sign to bring your vehicle to our trusted mechanics. Our A/C and heating services include:

  • Inspecting hoses and lines for leaks and corrosion
  • Checking high and low pressure readings
  • Testing output air temperature on the coldest setting
  • Changing and cleaning refrigerant
  • Comprehensive evaluations of heating and A/C systems

Visit Tire Pirates for All Your Auto A/C & Heating Needs

Don’t be left out in the cold without heat in your vehicle. Tire Pirates has two locations in Calgary, AB to best serve you. In addition to heating and air conditioning repair, replacement, and maintenance, we also offer a plethora of tire services, mechanical services, and commercial services for vehicles of all makes and models. Check out our promotions to find ways to save money, including rebates and discounts. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about your vehicle’s heating or air conditioning systems. Contact us today to schedule service so you can stay comfortable on the road

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