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All-Season Tires

Not sure which tires to choose from? We offer a great selection of the best all-season tires for snow and all other weather conditions. Depending on how, when, and where you drive, your needs in terms of tires will differ. But don’t worry, the Tire Pirates are here to help! When you come to us, you can rest assured our team of technicians will take you carefully through our whole catalogue and explain all your options clearly.

It can be confusing deciding when to get new tires, but with a set of all-season tires you can be sure you and your passengers will be safe whatever the weather—and that’s the most important thing, right? All-season tires are great for the average driver. If you know you aren’t going to drive Route 66 through 10 inches of snow or go off-roading in the Andes on summer’s hottest day, then a set of all-season tires will suit your needs perfectly.

Snow and Winter Tires

We understand it can be difficult to decide on the best place to buy tires, but here at Tire Pirates, we take special care in evaluating each customer’s needs and driving requirements.

During the winter months, it’s important you’re driving a car that’s ready for all potential situations. Purchasing a set of snow or winter tires offers you the security you need when driving yourself or your family around in heavy weather. When the weather turns harsh, the snow falls, and the ice begins to thicken, the thought of having to go drive can often been daunting. With weather-prepared tires, driving in heavy conditions no longer must be a problem. You’ll be able to jump behind the wheel knowing your car is much less likely to skid and slip all over the road as it would have done with regular tires.

So, get in contact today or drop by for a quote and we’ll be happy to help you decide what tires are best suited to you and your vehicle.

Summer Tires

When all that snow and ice has melted away, it’s important to remember that different seasons call for different tires! When the temperature rises in those summer months, winter tires can weigh your car down significantly and they aren’t best suited to the hot roads.

When the sun beats down on the roads all day, the asphalt gets incredibly hot and can cause serious damage to ill-equipped tires. For this reason, we recommend you look at our summer tire options and get in contact with one of our technicians to see what we can offer. If you’re looking to replace your vehicle’s tires, check out our affordable and trusty range of summer tires.

Calculate the Cost of New Tires for Your Vehicle

Our prices on passenger and light truck tires include installation and balance. when comparing prices to our competitors make sure you complete their on line quote as most of our competitors have an extra charge for installation & Balance.

It’s easy to figure out the best new tires for your vehicle with Tire Pirate’s Tire Quote System. It’s easy for you and provides you with an accurate quote for your new tires. If you have any questions, please give Tire Pirates a call today!

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