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Suspension Services in Calgary

Shocks or struts on your vehicle are imperative to maintaining your vehicle’s suspension. They’re not only for ride comfort but for safety and wear on your car. Tire Pirates provides expert shocks and strut work on all types of vehicles throughout Calgary. Learn more about the difference between shocks and struts here. When you need to schedule your service, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you repair, maintain, or replace your vehicle’s shocks, struts, or entire suspension.

How Do I Know I Need Suspension Service?

Replacing these worn components will restore the ride control and handling of the vehicle demonstrated when it was new and reduces wear on other steering and suspension components. Your tires will also last longer with a vehicle that has restored shocks/struts.

If your vehicle bottoms out over bumps in the road or keeps bouncing for a while after hitting a bump, your suspension could be worn out. Other signs are strange noises over bumps, excessive body lean on turns, or a sharp dive downwards when you brake hard. It can be tricky to notice because shocks wear out gradually, and many people just get used to the bouncier ride. If you’re not sure, pop by, and we’ll take a quick look for you.

Different Between Shocks and Struts

Most drivers won’t pay attention to their shocks or struts until something goes wrong. Your vehicle has either shocks or struts that help maintain a comfortable ride, especially while going over rougher roads or potholes. They help you maintain a smooth ride and enable you to be safer on the road. While most vehicles have shocks on one axle and struts on the other, not all vehicles have struts. But not to worry. We’ll be able to assess your vehicle’s needs when you bring it in to our shop.

  • Shocks: Shocks, or shock absorbers, are hydraulic components that work to keep movement generated by your vehicle’s springs to a minimum. They absorb the rough bounces or jolts you may otherwise feel on uneven or rough roads. This softens the impact and makes a smoother, more comfortable ride while you can better navigate the road.
  • Struts: Struts consist of a spring and a shock absorber. They are significantly stronger than shocks as they are load-bearing. These help to additionally dampen any jumps or jolts felt by uneven roads through your vehicle’s steering and alignment.

When to Schedule an Appointment

Like most components in your vehicle, shocks and struts require maintenance and can run out, resulting in you needing replacements. We recommend inspecting your vehicle’s suspension every 80,000 kilometers. Pay attention to how your vehicle reacts during certain movements. These are the following symptoms to watch out for that you may need strut or shock replacement:

  • Vehicle sways considerably when young around turns or changing lanes as if it is throwing its weight around or feels like a boat.
  • Front end dips down when braking.
  • Back end dips under hard acceleration.
  • You notice cupping on your tires – excessive flat areas on your tires. You will also be able to hear this at higher speeds, noticed by louder, buffeting tires.
  • Excessive vehicle bounce when going over bumps in the road.
  • You hear noises while turning
  • Losing control at higher speeds.

Do I need to fix my suspension if I don’t mind the bouncing?

If you leave it for too long, your loose suspension can begin to wear down other parts of your vehicle. It can mess up your steering and put extra wear on your tires. So yes, you should take care of it sooner rather than later. Plus, new shocks and struts will restore control and handling, making your ride safer and more enjoyable.

Trust the Experts at Tire Pirates

Since 2006, Tire Pirates has been proud to serve our community throughout Calgary. We have always strived to exceed our level of excellence from our friendly and helpful staff to taking care of your vehicle’s needs at affordable prices. Driving on weak or broken shocks and struts is not only uncomfortable – it can also be dangerous. With your suspension needing work, it can be significantly more difficult to control your vehicle.

From world-class tire service to full-scale engine repair and everything in between, Tire Pirates is your one-stop shop for auto repair in Calgary. Visit one of our two locations and discover the difference that professionalism and attention to detail make when it comes to car repair. Contact our  Foothills location at (403) 279-5559 or our Chinook location at (403) 640-0500 and speak to a qualified service advisor today.

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