Tire Repair Services

Seasonal Tire Changes

Our certified tire technicians will perform each seasonal change over or swap in a timely fashion. Book your seasonal tire services with the Pirates.

Flat Tire Repair Services

Tire Repair Services

Make sure your tires are safe and reliable. Tire Pirates repair your tires using both plugs and patches as recommended by the Manufacturer’s Association.

There are several different situations that can cause a leak, rapid or annoying slow leak.

  • Rapid leaks are usually a puncture from road hazards (nails, screws, potholes, other penetrating objects).
  • Slow Leaks are usually from wheel bead damage or valve stems.
  • Bead Leaks are leaks that happen around the edge of the wheel where the tire attaches to the wheel. It is usually caused by corrosion on the wheel or debris not allowing the tire to make an air tight seal.

Sidewall damage can be caused by scraping or bumping into curbs or potholes, causing a weakening of the tire sidewall causing it to lose air slowly.  This can sometimes be invisible from the outside of the tire.

Tire Change Services

Repair or Replace Tires?

  • Overlapping Repair – if the area that needs to be repaired overlap’s another repair.
  • Large punctures – any holes larger than 1/4 inch in diameter for passenger cars or 3/8 inch for light trucks.
  • Weak end sidewalls – if any damage to side wall (example tires driven to far with insufficient air pressure)

Seasonal Tire Storage

Seasonal tire storage is safe, convenient, cost efficient and saves you the mess, pain and hassle of having to do it yourself.

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From world-class tire service to full-scale engine repair and everything in between, Tire Pirates is your one stop shop for auto repair in Calgary. Visit one of our two locations and discover the difference that professionalism and attention to detail make when it comes to car repair. Contact our Foothills location at (403) 279-5559 or our Chinook location at (403) 640-0500 and speak to a qualified service advisor today.

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