Comprehensive Tire Services in Calgary, AB

Comprehensive Tire Services in Calgary, AB

Calgary Trusts Tire Pirates for All Their Tire Services

Our tire services in Calgary, AB have been utilized by residents in the surrounding areas since 1991, when we were called Tireland. Back in 2006, we took over the repair shop and labelled ourselves Tire Pirates. Since we first set sail, we have strived to be the best at what we do and exceed all of our customers’ expectations. When you need a flat tire fix or a tire rotation, you can rely on us to get you the right tires and provide exceptional services at prices you can’t beat. We specialize in both passenger vehicle tires and commercial tires, so whatever you drive, you can find what you need at Tire Pirates. With our comprehensive services, you won’t be left without the tires you need. Our tire technicians are trained to help you get the right size, style, and brand.

Fast Seasonal Tire Changes

Tire Pirates knows how important seasonal tire changes are. Our certified tire technicians perform each seasonal changeover or swap in a timely fashion so you can get back on the road no matter what the weather brings. You can book your seasonal tire services today with the Tire Pirates in Calgary, AB. We have two convenient locations to help you get back on the road quickly. Count on our crews in Foothills and Chinook to get your car ready, no matter what season it is. When the season changes, it is vital that you have the appropriate tires so you can continue to drive safely on the road. We carry a variety of tires that are designed for driving in the different seasons. Our tire offerings include:

A Wide Selection of Reliable Rims

No matter what you drive, the rims on your wheel are a necessary component. Without wheel rims, the rubber tire would not be able to attach to the wheel. If your vehicle does not have rims, you won’t be able to get very far because you won’t have anywhere to place your tires. At our shops, we carry hundreds of different wheel rims, including steel rims. With our wide selection of rims, you will be able to find the perfect style for you and your vehicle. The benefits of getting new rims for your vehicle are plenty. New rims can increase the safety, maneuverability, and value of your car. Additionally, new rims are extremely affordable, even if you opt for a customized option. You can get a new set of rims today at our tire shops for less than a thousand dollars.

Exceptional Flat Tire Repair Services

Making sure your tires are reliable is essential to safe driving throughout Calgary, AB and beyond. However, not many people know how to repair a flat tire themselves. Don’t worry, mateys! Tire Pirates can repair your tires using both tire plugs and patches as recommended by the Manufacturer’s Association. Tire sidewall damage can happen by scraping or bumping into curbs or potholes, causing a weakening of the sidewall that allows air to leak from the tires slowly. It’s not something easily noticed. If you are continually filling up your tires because they are mysteriously losing air, damage to the sidewall may be the culprit. Our crew can easily spot this thanks to their professional training and years of experience. There are several different situations where a rapid or annoying slow leak can originate. Bring your car in as soon as you notice it though to allow our crew to find and repair it quickly! Below are some examples of leaks we have seen at our tire repair shops:

  • Rapid Leaks: Usually, rapid leaks happen due to a puncture from different road hazards such as nails, screws, potholes, and other penetrating objects.
  • Slow Leaks: The first place to check when you notice a slow leak is the wheel bead or valve stems. Damage to these areas is where a slow leak usually starts.
  • Bead Leaks: Corrosion on the wheel or debris around where the tire attaches to the wheel usually causes a bead leak because it is not allowing the tire to make an airtight seal.

Should I Repair or Replace My Tires?

Our crew at Tire Pirates will find out why your tire isn’t allowing your car to perform its best. We will decide whether we can provide a flat tire repair or if you need a tire replacement for your safety. After our assessment, it is up to you to make the final decision. We won’t make you walk the plank should you decide not to use our recommendation. No matter your make, model, or year we can help you get the best tires for your vehicle. We have the knowledge to help decide if you can repair to save money or if you need to replace your tires. Even if you need to exchange them, you can count on us to offer the best prices for all-new tires. Here are some examples of when you will need a tire replacement:

  • Overlapping Repair – If you have already patched and repaired an area and it becomes a problem again for leaks, this is when you would need an overlapping repair.
  • Large Punctures – If you experience any holes larger than 1/4 inch in diameter for passenger cars or 3/8 inch for light trucks, your tire needs to be replaced.
  • Weakened SidewallsIf any damage occurs to the sidewall, you cannot repair this area of your tire because of how it fluctuates shape during your drive.

Regular Wheel Balancing and Its Benefits

Our wheel balancing services are essential to keeping your tires in shape and keeping you safe on the road. Regular wheel balancing also saves you time and money. When you get your wheels balanced, our tire technicians will inspect, check, and balance the weights on the wheel. If the weights on the wheel are not balanced correctly, then the tires will experience uneven pressure and weight. This uneven weight and pressure will encourage uneven wear and tear on the rubber tires. Balancing your wheels when they are unbalanced provides a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Smoother Ride – The most noticeable sign of unbalanced tires is excessive vibrations while driving. The uneven weight on the wheels encourages a bumpy ride while driving. With balanced wheels, your ride will be much smoother.
  • Improved Gas Mileage – Wheel balancing allows for the weight to be distributed evenly across all the tires. With even distribution, your vehicle will ride smoother and get more miles to the gallon.
  • Extends Tire Life – An uneven weight distribution on the tires will cause the tire tread to wear down unevenly. With balanced wheels, your tires will wear down at the same time, extending their lifespan. Another way to extend the life of your tires is to ensure that you allow our tire technicians to perform a tire rotation as well.
  • Protects the Suspension – The vibrations from unbalanced wheels will eventually affect the suspension of your vehicle. Wheel balancing is much more affordable than having to have the suspension repaired.
  • Encourages a Safer Ride – With uneven tire wear caused by unbalanced wheels, your tires will develop uneven treads and potentially bald spots. When your tires wear down unevenly, the safety of your vehicle decreases significantly. Having your wheels balanced will make sure that your ride is smooth while ensuring the safety of you and your passengers.

Convenient Seasonal Tire Storage

Seasonal tire storage is safe, convenient, cost-efficient, and saves you the mess, pain, and hassle of having to find a place to store your tires yourself. If you don’t have room in your garage or even your basement, bring your seasonal tires to our shop, and we can store them for you throughout the year. As part of our tire storage service, our tire professionals will change the tires on your vehicle for you. You can save time and space with our seasonal tire storage services. Take the stress out of your seasonal tire changes. Let us swap your tires out and store them for you.

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From world-class tire service to full-scale engine repair and everything in between, Tire Pirates is your one-stop shop for auto repair and flat tire repair in Calgary, AB. We strive to make caring for your vehicle as simple as possible. Our team is dedicated to providing the necessary passenger vehicle and commercial tires, rims, and tire care services. Visit one of our two locations and discover the exceptional difference in our mechanics’ professionalism and attention to detail when it comes to auto repair and tire services. Contact the teams at our Foothills location at (403) 907-0394 or our Chinook location at (403) 907-0431 and speak to a qualified service adviser today!

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