Fuel Filter Replacement Services in Calgary

Tune-Ups and Fuel Filter Replacements

Is it time to replace your car’s fuel filter? How can you tell? At Tire Pirates, replacing fuel filters is one of the many services we offer to Calgary drivers. Your car’s fuel system is imperative to keep you moving. Without fuel going into your engine, your car won’t work. Your fuel filter prevents dirt and other contaminants from reaching your engine, keeping your car running smoothly. Dirt in your fuel injectors can cause them to stop working, leading to your engine failing or misfiring. Additionally, a poor, clogged, or old fuel filter won’t provide adequate fuel to your engine, causing significant problems, including poor starts, shaking while idling, and stalling while driving. As you can tell, these aren’t problems you want to have on the road. Fuel filters, like most filters, don’t last forever. Over time, they need replacing. Bring your car to Tire Pirates today for superior service.

How Do I Know I Need a New Fuel Filter?

Your fuel filter works hard to prevent contaminants and debris from entering your engine through the fuel lines and damaging your car. As the filter works, it begins to clog. This prevents the proper amount of fuel from entering your engine. As such, your engine will start to experience problems like sputtering and hesitating. Depending on the age of your fuel filter, you may only experience these issues when accelerating. Other cars may have difficulties starting. Here are some of the main signs of a bad fuel filter:

Stalling – Your vehicle may stall while driving as it is starved for fuel. If you experience repeated stalls or stalling during acceleration, you may need a fuel filter replacement.

Shaking While Idle – A blocked/clogged filter can also cause your car to shake when at a stoplight. You may notice your vehicle idling lower than 400 RPM, shaking, and your Check Engine Light may come on.

Slow to Start – If your filter is even moderately clogged, it can cause problems when starting your car. The fuel needed to pass through the filter and into the engine to start may be limited from a clogged filter. Due to this, you’ll notice your car struggling to start as it lacks adequate fuel.

How Often Should I Replace My Fuel Filter?

Most fuel filters will last well over 30,000 miles. However, it varies on your type of engine, current filter, type of gas you put in your car, and other factors. The best way to determine if you need a new filter outside of the listed problems above is a fuel pressure test. This test determines how much pressure your fuel pump is producing. If the pressure is lower than it should be (typically between 30-60 PSI), you may need to replace your fuel filter. The team at Tire Pirates is more than happy to help you replace your fuel filter easily and affordably. Plus, we can pair this with other tune-ups and regularly scheduled maintenance services. Contact us today to schedule your appointment at our Calgary auto repair shop.

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