Is There a Difference Between a Spare Tire and a Donut?

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Tire Pirates Offers Comprehensive Tire Services In Calgary, AbTire Pirates Offers Comprehensive Tire Services in Calgary, AB

When it comes to tires, do you know the difference between a spare tire and a donut? Tire Pirates offers new tires and installation for drivers in the Calgary, AB area. Some might say that eating too many donuts leads to having a spare tire around your waist, but let’s get serious for a minute. Depending on the make, model, and type of your vehicle, you could have a spare tire or a donut. These two “back-up” tires are not the same but can both be used when you get a flat tire. Learn more about the differences between spare tires and donuts, and contact us if you have any questions.

Spare Tires vs. Donuts

A spare tire is a full-size tire. Spare tires are the same size as the existing tires your vehicle is riding on. Spare tires allow you to drive normally with no noticeable changes in performance or handling. If your vehicle has a full-size spare tire, we strongly recommend including that tire in your regular tire rotations. This practice will ensure that all your tires are adequately filled with air and wear evenly. A donut is a temporary spare tire. Donut tires are much smaller than standard tires. Donuts are only meant to be driven short distances until you can get a new full-sized tire. Do not drive at high speeds or for an extended period of time on a donut. You will notice the performance and handling of your vehicle will be quite different when driving on a donut.

The Pros & Cons of Spare Tires & Donuts

The main difference between spare tires and donuts is the size of each of the tires. So which one is best for you? It’s more common to find donuts in sedans or smaller vehicles. Larger vehicles such as trucks or SUVs are more likely to come equipped with a full-size spare. Because donuts are so much smaller, they would be mostly ineffective for heavier vehicles but can do the trick for a light sedan. Full-size spare tires are heavier and can create a drag on the back end of smaller vehicles, adversely affecting gas mileage. For the most part, the argument for a spare or a donut depends on the size of your vehicle. Carrying around a spare tire in your trunk can also impact your gas mileage because you’re carrying more weight around. Some automakers have done away with the concept of a spare tire completely, opting to include sealant and an inflator kit instead. Be sure you know what you’re getting when you buy a new or used vehicle.

Offering Comprehensive Tire Services

Tire Pirates offers complete tire repair and replacement services at our two locations in Calgary, AB. If you have a donut, you can’t drive on it for long. We offer flat tire repair services so you can drive safely without losing performance. Our team of experienced auto mechanics can repair rapid leaks from road hazards, slow leaks from wheel beads or valve seams, and bead leaks from corrosion or debris. Our crew can find out why your tire isn’t allowing your vehicle to perform at its best. We can check all your tires to determine their condition and help you avoid getting a flat in the future.

Commercial & Mechanical Tire Services

If you have a flat tire for your commercial vehicle, we can help. Whether you need tires for construction equipment, agricultural applications, industrial or farm equipment, or more, trust Tire Pirates. We offer a wide selection of commercial tires. We also offer comprehensive auto maintenance services, such as alignments, brakes, oil changes, batteries, and so much more. No job is too big or too small for our auto repair experts.

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Whether you need help determining if you have a spare tire or a donut or are in the market for brand new tires, we’re here for you. Our locations in Chinook and Foothills both provide new tire installation as well as auto repair and maintenance services. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment.