Feel Like Your Ride Is Bumpy? Time to Have Your Struts and Shocks Checked

Shocks and struts

Your vehicle’s tires are one of the most important parts of your car, and nearly everything they encounter on a daily basis can cause wear and tear. One of the biggest contributing factors is having bad shocks or struts. Unfortunately, it’s tremendously easy to forget about your shocks and struts, as they take around 50,000 miles to wear down completely.

Not sure about your own shocks and struts? Not sure what to do about uneven tire wear ? Here’s how to tell when struts and shocks may be the problem (and what to do about it).

Time to Have Your Struts and Shocks Checked

Shocks and Struts

Your vehicle has either shocks or struts, but not both. Either way, they’re similar in function. A shock is a single piece of equipment mounted near each tire, while struts are a combination of two individual parts. Shocks give your car better handling and are easier to replace, but they are naturally more expensive. Struts are comprised of a shaft and coil that are built into the chassis. Strut coils are cheaper but are also difficult and dangerous to replace in comparison with shocks.

When to Replace?

Excessive bouncing while going over speed bumps or uneven roads is the number-one sign that your shocks or struts need attention. Pay attention to how much your car sways during turns, how fast you can brake, and how easily you’re able to accelerate. Having bad shocks or struts will make your driving experience unpleasant, increase the wear on your tires, reduce your control over the vehicle, and reduce your safety if you’re in a collision.

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