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Three Reasons Why My New Tires Are Leaking Air


Three Reasons Why My New Tires Are Leaking Air

The last thing someone who’s just bought a new tire wants is to find it flat the next day. New tires can and do leak air, but it’s a problem that’s easily fixed.

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  • Mounting problems are a key cause of new tires losing air. If there is corrosion at your vehicle’s rim where it meets the tire, it’s likely the cause of your tire’s air loss.

Even brand new tires can have faulty valves. A damaged valve is often the cause of air leaks in tires. Fortunately, valves are easily and inexpensively replaced.

  • If there has been a dramatic change in temperature, it may cause even brand new tires to leak air. Cold weather can cause air molecules to become more dense, resulting in your tires air pressure dropping. Your tires will lose 1 psi for every 10°F drop in temperature. Garaging your car in the winter can help, as can keeping a compressor around the house.
  • If your new tire is consistently losing air, tire professionals can help diagnose the problem. Brand new tires are typically covered under warranty, so, if your tire continues to lose air after being filled several times, just bring the vehicle in for a repair or replacement.

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